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Insurance Accident Checklist
We hope you’re never involved in an accident. But if you are, we want to you to know that we got you covered.

We recommend printing a copy of these instructions and keeping them close to you so you’re prepared in case of an accident.

Step 1 – Make Sure No One Is Injured
Make sure that you, your passengers and others involved are NOT hurt. If anyone is injured, call an ambulance or get help. 

Step 2 – Make Sure You are Safe
Be sure other vehicles on the roadway can see you. Turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers on the road. If your car is drivable, move it out of the way of traffic. Then turn off your car and turn on your hazard lights. If you have safety triangles or cones, deploy them. Remember, safety first. 

Step 3 – Call the Police
Call the police if other people, cars or property were involved in the accident, even if nobody was injured. 

The police may not make a trip to the accident scene, but do want to know about the accident if it could potentially affect traffic along that road or freeway.

Reporting the accident can help protect you if there are any issues realated to the accident with other people involved.

Step 4 – Get Information from the Other Drivers
Exchange information with other people involved in the accident. Be sure to write down basic contact information for everyone involved: 

– Name
– Address
– Phone number
– License plate number
– Driver’s license number
– Insurance company and policy number

Step 5 – Call us As soon as possible, call us to report the accident at (888) 878-2526.


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AAA 800-222-7623 x 5000
AEGIS 866-662-5752
Allstate Claims 800-255-7828
American Collectors 888-805-7443
American Family 800-692-6326
American Liberty Insurance 800-201-0727
American Modern 800-375-2075
American Risk Insurance 866-635-9959
ASI 800-647-3626
Bristol West 800-274-7865
BTIS 877-649-6682
Citizens Property Insurance 866-411-2742
Commerce West Insurance 866-351-2548
Commonwealth 855-831-5964
Cornerstone 877-426-4252
CSE 800-282-6848
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Dairyland 800-334-0090
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Empower Insurance 877-437-5007
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Erie Insurance 800-367-3743
Esurance 800-378-7262
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First American 888-922-5343
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